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Wick-It Cool Candles Summer Fun Scent Collection

Cool Burning Soy Massage Candles

Celebrate Summer with fragrant candles from the Summer Fun Scent Collection at Wick-It Cool Candles.  

Visit our store to make your selection.

Our unique creative process makes Wick-It Cool Candles cool burning soy massage candles unsurpassed for fragrance and presentation. 

Planning a special evening?  Create romance with the soft glow of candlelight and the sensuous aroma of our candles.  The oil is wonderfully soothing for dry skin and excellent for massage.

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Here are some of our Summer Fun Sale Collection” fragrance recommendations (mixing and matching is allowed.) Click on image to order.

Wick-It Cool Candles Summer Fun Scent Collection 

Cocktail Scented Candle Summer Candle Fragrances Strawberry Scent Pineapple Scent Cool Burning Soy Candle
Sex On The Beach Jamaica Me Crazy Strawberry Iced Pineapple
Coconut Candle Scent Cherry scented soy candle Fun candle fragrances Peach scented candle
Creamy Coconut Cherry Bomb 5 O'Clock Somewhere Peach
Cool Water Candle Fragrance Wine candle scents Strawberry KiwiSoy Candle Summer scented candles
Cool Water White Zinfandel Strawberry Kiwi Butt Naked
Key Lime Pie Candle Scent Mango Candle Scent Rootbeer Float Candle Scent Ocean Candle Scent
Key Lime Pie Mango Mandarin Root Beer Float  Ocean 

You Never Know Were You'll Come Across Wick-It Cool Candles!

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Private Label Candles 

Wick-It Cool Candles does private label candles too - for wedding favors, your special events and your business. 

Call us for more information 603.801.1853 or send us an email at

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